Real J.O.B

The 1st huge step is done; please explain of what factors it depends when your 1st tour might start in the US, and who are the Band-Members? And when do you think that you 'd tour in Europe?

Real J.O.B responded on 07/26/2010

wow....thanks for asking... lots to think about.
My next goal is to start putting together a band. I orginally started in '09 with a 5-piece band. We practiced for a few months and performed at the Redondo Beach Earth Day event here in California. --- I've been working solo since then, which has allowed me to grow in areas that I needed. I am confident that I will meet the right person/persons when the time is right. --- in the meantime I'm going to do all I can solo while keeping my heart & mind open. I will keep you posted... thanks again :)

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